Mines & Geology Department
The earth is our only habitat. Some of its natural resources are renewable, whereas some others are essentially non - renewable. Mineral deposits are geological anomalies, physically finite, non -renewable and vital for development of core industries & infrastructural facilities. Their exhaustible nature, therefore calls for judicious use and conservation.

The Department of Mines, Minerals & Geology of Sikkim, was established in 1976. It is manned by qualified Geologists, Mining Engineers and Chemists. The aim and objective of the Department of Mines, Minerals & Geology are to establish exploitable reserves minerals of the state, carry out geo-technical investigations, monitor water resources for public consumption and cater to geological input need of the Central & State Government agencies in the State.

Sikkimese towns & villages are seen turning into fast developing urban sprawls. A glaring example is the capital town of Gangtok. Considering the fragility of the eco system, slopes, geology, natural resources such as Landscape, forest cover, water etc. such runway developmental activity with scant regard to aesthetics, ethics, values & beliefs can prove counterproductive and investments unfruitful. Since the use and management of natural resources is one of the important concerns of integrated and sustainable mountain development, exacerbated change needs must be based on thoroughly understood, workable and clearly defined policies or multiple of workable policies.
After having worked in rugged mountain terrain for over a decade and half on various aspects of geology and geo-tectonics, the State Department of Mines, Minerals & Geology has obtained enough experiences and understanding of specific mountain conditions and their imperatives in implementing appropriate interventions / responses.
Application of mountain perspective technology calls for working tools on mountain specificities, their bio - physical roots, geology, geomorphology etc. The State Department of Mines, Minerals & Geology proposes the following as desired by the Government to generate such tools.

1. Geological & geo-technical study and Mapping of major towns of Sikkim.
2. Establishment of rock and soil mechanics Laboratory with computers for data processing.
3. Establishment of geological museum.
4. Development of Dikchu Mine.
5. Physico-chemical and bacteriological study of perennial sources of water all over the State.
6. Establishment and promotion of dolomite / limestone calcinations plant.
7. Promotion of locally available rocks as dimension stones.
8. Carry out mineral exploration and develop local mineral resources into viable income / employment generating schemes (dolomite / Limestone calcinations).