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Government of India

Social Security Mission

Empowering the vulnerable sections of Sikkimese society

The State government from 1994-95 onwards, under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, has initiated several path-breaking schemes in the field of social justice and security for the vulnerable sections of the Sikkimese society. These landmark initiatives have greatly empowered women, aged, infirm and destitute sections of the society.

Taking social justice a step further, the Social Security Mission 2015 aims to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of poverty, injustice and unemployment. The mission, designed under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, has time-bound programmes to be completed and achieved by 2015.

In the field of social justice, the State government set up a Sikkim State Commission for Women in 2001 to safeguard the rights and legal entitlements of women in the State. The State government implemented the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2005 in 2007 and provided the landmark 40 percent reservation of seats for women in panchayats and other local bodies. This reservation was increased to 50 percent ensuring that Sikkimese women have equal representation at the grassroots governance.

Equality for women was also facilitated under the initiative of the Hon’ble Chief Minister with the Sikkim Succession Act 2008 that mandate equal property rights to Sikkimese daughters. The Sikkimese women are already enjoying 30 percent reservation in government jobs. Other measures for women implemented by the State government are welfare of destitute women, hostel for working women, widow remarriage scheme and training for women to develop skills for employment.

A major initiative is the Small Family Scheme launched in 1997 which has a package of incentives for women. Grants are provided to 13-years girls to join school and understand the advantages of marrying at a proper age.

Pension to senior citizens, widows and ex-servicemen, crèches for working women’s children, inter-caste marriage award scheme and allowances for the differently abled are also a part of the Social Security Mission 2015. The mission implemented the Juvenile Justice Scheme along with Juvenile Justice Act to protect the rights and interests of children in Sikkim. A policy document for improvement and better management of the six existing destitute homes is being framed.

Under the mission, the State government has initiated various schemes for different age groups. Various shelter homes for welfare of distressed women have been established. Besides, the State government has introduced welfare schemes for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Most Backward Classes and Other Backward Classes. The schemes are in the form of scholarships, inputs to farmers belonging to marginalized section of society, Scheduled Caste sub-plan and Tribal sub-plan and establishments of a development corporation for the various communities.

One of the path-breaking initiatives in the field of social security and justice was the establishment of the Commission for Review of Environment and Social Sector Policies, Plans and Programmes (CRESP). The commission was conceptualized by the Hon’ble Chief Minister and introduced to provide equal social and political platform for all citizen and communities of the State.

Date Published: 2016-02-25

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