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CM’s Comprehensive Annual and Total Health Check-up for Healthy Sikkim

Report on CATCH Performance as on 20th May,2014

1. Total No. of Population covered: 5,30,723

2. Population coveredin 2nd round CATCH programme: 1,10,560


First State to reach healthcare at people’s doorsteps In another innovative healthcare mission, Sikkim became the first State in the country to introduce the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Annual and Total Check-up for Healthy Sikkim (CATCH) campaign. The campaign, launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on August 26, 2010 aims to make Sikkim the healthiest State in the country by 2015. It is a first of its kind public healthcare initiative in the country.

“We stress on preventive measures. Sikkim was the first State in the country to provide for free Hepatitis B vaccination for infant population,” says the Hon’ble Chief Minister. The overall life expectancy of the Sikkimese people has increased by over 3 years during the last 18 years. The CATCH campaign intends to enhance it by improving the health status of the people of Sikkim to a large extent. Under the CATCH programme, the Government of Sikkim through Health Department is undertaking health check-up of each citizen annually at designated centres across the State. So far, 90 percent of the population in Sikkim has been covered under CATCH to compile their health profile. This is path-breaking initiative provides comprehensive care with focus on health promotions and prevention by doing annual and periodical head to toe health checkup free of cost for all citizens of Sikkim. It engages people of all ages and categories especially the BPL families and senior citizens unable to travel long distances for healthcare facilities. Doctors, technicians and staff from the Health department set up the health checkup camp right at their locality. CATCH helps people to maintain good health by detecting potential problems in early stages, prevent long term illness through early diagnosis and treatment. It also aims to provide rehabilitative and comprehensive health care. The general health status including physical, social, mental and spiritual are also covered by this programme. Through the CATCH programme, the Government of Sikkim has brought a revolution in the concept of healthcare in Sikkim by offering early diagnostics and care. When the 575-bedded multi-specialty hospital in Gangtok is completed, the Government of Sikkim will have ensured fully modernized health infrastructure in Sikkim.

Date Published: 2016-03-10

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