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Rules and Permit


Sikkim is a sensitive border state. Security concerns make it imperative to put in place special protection.

Inner Line Permit:
This applies to any foreigner visiting Sikkim.
* It can be collected from Sikkim House in Calcutta or New Delhi.
* It can also be collected from the entry point into Sikkim, at Rangpo.
* Some of the destinations within Sikkim come under Restricted or Protected Categories. These areas can be accessed either with special permission from Sikkim Police, or in the case of certain destinations, the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi has to issue special written permits.
* Check out the status of your planned destination before starting out.

* Taxi operators have to abide by these rules:
* Fares are fixed and over-charging is prohibited.
* Fares from New Jalpaiguri to Mainline Taxi Stand on a sharing basis is Rs 100 per person. For Reserving full vehicle, charges are not to exceed Rs 1,000.
* Not more than 10 passengers per jeep / Sumo / Commander are allowed.
* Not more than four passengers are allowed on Maruti Van Local Taxis
* Taxi operators are bound to issue tickets for bringing in passengers from New Jalpaiguri railway station or Bagdogra airport to Gangtok.
* Local Taxis have rate charts for each place in Gangtok stuck on to the rear window. Overcharging is prohibited. Complaints can be made with the Sadar Police station on Tibet Road, just above Tourism Office.
* Local taxis as well as Mainline Taxis have designated stops. Stopping the vehicle anywhere else is prohibited
* Taxis are prohibited from taking anyone else in a Reserve Vehicle apart from the person who has reserved it.
For local sight-seeing
* Taxis and agents not affiliated to TAAS are not allowed to take tourists to Nathula.
* Maruti Vans are not allowed to negotiate the road to Nathula. Only jeeps, Sumos, Maruti Gypsies and Commander vehicles are allowed.
* Vehicles not registered in Sikkim are not allowed to take tourists on local sight seeing or distance travel across the state.

* Any taxi registered anywhere, however, can bring in and take out visitors to the state.
* None of these rules are applicable to visitors traveling in their own private vehicles. However, moving to North District of vehicles registered out of India needs special permission. The Tourism Department should be contacted.

* Gambling is prohibited in the state so far.
* Pool bars are not allowed to charge anything like bet money, excepting for their legitimate charges.
* Bars are open till 23.00 hours only. There is no bar in drinking in private or in hotel rooms, unless specified by a particular hotel.
* Drinking in restaurants not designated and licensed as bars is prohibited

Date Published: 2016-02-29

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