Press Release


Information & Public Relations Department

Date: 19-Nov-2023
Gyalshing,November 19 (IPR):
Mr Sangay Lepcha,SLA Deputy Speaker-cum Area MLA duly inaugurated the newly constructed Welcome Gate at Yuksam today and dedicated it to the people of locality.
Also present during the inaugration programme were,Mr Karzang Bhutia Panchayat Vice president,Mr Palchen Yongda Government Contractor and social worker,Mr Tenzing W. Bhutia RO KNP,Mr Nandu Gurung Coordinator,Mr Sonam Chewang Bhutia Sports Wing Gen Secretary,panchayat members, engineers and local gentry.
Mr Lepcha in his brief address said that the construction of welcome gate at the entrance of the village(Topsing) is an essential part of the infrastructure of the village to attract tourists.He also expressed his gratitude on behalf of the people of the locality to the state government for the successful completion of the project on time.
It is to mention that the Welcome Gate was built with the Chief Minister's discretionary fund and monitored by the tourism department.
Yuksam is a highly famous, historical and first capital of Sikkim which attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists every year and the construction of Welcome Gate will add to the beauty of Yuksam in the tourism sector.