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Sikkim Organic Mission

The , conceptualized by the Hon’ble Chief Minister way back in 2003,   is no stranger to rest of India. Millions of Indian viewers were introduced to this ingenious flagship project of Government of Sikkim through ‘Satyamev Jayate’, a popular talk show hosted by Aamir Khan in 2012.



And Organic Mission of Sikkim remains a talking point in the world increasingly concerned about use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural products. The mission wants to convert Sikkim into a totally Organic State by 2015 whereby any agriculture produce from the State is grown using organic fertilizers and healthy for consumption.


Cuba would always been known as the first in the world to have adopted such large-scale organic farming. However, Cuba resorted to such farming practices as a compulsion due to longstanding trade embargo with other nations.


Sikkim voluntarily adopted to go organic under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister. The State, thus, remains a foremost democratic model in the world on organic farming.


The process for bringing the total cultivatable land of 58,168 hectares under organic farming commenced at ground levels from 2010. Agencies accredited by Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority are certifying the organic process in Sikkim in three phases.


Organic produce of Sikkim, mostly vegetables, would not only fetch more value for the Sikkimese farmers but also offers multiple benefits to the State. Organic status is going to supplement the ecotourism of Sikkim, another visionary initiative of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.


Tourism stakeholders of Sikkim are convinced that Organic Mission when connected with ecotourism would be a double attraction for tourists particularly at homestays. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Sikkim but also gain health benefits by consuming organic products. The value of Sikkim ecotourism is bound to enhance.


The Government of Sikkim stepped into Organic Mission process from 2003, the year when it stopped imports of chemical fertilizers in the State. Since then the cultivatable land in Sikkim are practically organic and also farmers of Sikkim are traditional users of organic manure.
Sikkim Organic retail stores have been started by Government of Sikkim in New Delhi and plans to open more in major cities of India to market the organic products of Sikkim

Date Published: 2016-02-23

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